Whether you are looking to lose inches, sculpt your

tummy, slim those thighs, lose your love handles,

reduce cellulite, detox, improve health, reduce

bloating, reduce saggy skin, lift that butt, or banish

those bingo wings then The Chi Rooms can help you!


  Fat Freezing

Ideal treatment for really stubborn fat such as love handles

and thighs. Fat freezing destroys fat cells in the selected

area, fat cells cannot multiply therefore once they have been

destroyed they are gone forever, then over the coming weeks

your body will eliminate these via the lymphatic system. It is

advisable that clients maintain a healthy lifestyle following fat




Ultrasound cavitation and radio

frequency combo

If your looking for inch loss and skin tightening this

treatment is ideal to sculpt an area or simply target

stubborn fat pockets. Ultrasound is ideal to help improve

your body shape. The treatment breaks and shrinks down

fat cells without harming any other cells. its an ideal

treatment for larger areas of fat. The fat safety eliminated

through your lymphatic system.    



Radio frequency  

Saggy skin and cellulite bother you?? This treatment can

be used in conjunction with fat reduction treatments and

used alone. Targets mummy tum, bingo wings, jowls,

cellulite and turkey neck. This procedure can help reduce

wrinkles, stimulates collagen which helps the skin become

tighter, firmer, smoother helping the appearance of cellulite

and increases the blood circulation so that fatty deposits are also drained via the lymphatic system.