Hands & Feet

Who needs a manicure?
So often we hear ladies saying "I don't have manicures, my nails are too short and break easily".
Having regular manicures will help the nail to become stronger and flexible, so that they may grow to the desired length.


Express Manicure
... £11.50
... 20 mins
For those of you who regularly treat your hands, this will keep them looking impeccable every week.
Shape, tidy and polish.

Manicure ... £19.50 ... 45 mins

Nails trimmed and shaped, cuticles nourished and cleansed, hand and arm massage, nails perfectly polished with the colour of your choice.

Gel Polish Manicure ... £25.00 ... 55 mins
A pure gel based nail polish, cured under light for a longer lasting manicure.

Express Pedicure ... £11.50 ... 20 mins
A tidy up between pedicures, so you can always show those nails.
Shape, tidy and polish.

Pedicure ... £21.50 ... 55 mins
Feet are soaked, excess hard skin removed, feet and lower legs exfoliated, nails trimmed and shaped, cuticles nourished, foot and leg massage, nails perfectly polished with the colour of your choice.